Three enthusiast Parisian designers

With their experiences as designers and entrepreneurs, Antonia, Nelly and Mohéna have decided to join forces to create a unique event in France. Merging pop-up stores and cultural happening. Africamontmartre is a concept imagined by designers for designers.

United by their love for Paris, the capital of fashion, and for Africa, land of cultural wealth and know-hows… they will guide you through an interactive journey where the audience is invited to keep its eyes wide open!


Their ambition is to promote a modern and dynamic vision of arts and crafts. They defend the values ​​of a responsible trade, by showcasing, small series handmade with love, inspired or made in Africa. Also they want to encourage another way of buying: pushing their fellows towards new discoveries, advocating cultural dialogue and exchange. Energy, desire and sharing are the drivers of these Parisian women.

Today the founding team has strengthened its talents with rich and diverse worlds and skills to offer creators and the public new services.They will lead you to another Africa: inspiring, creative, positive, inventive and talent producing .

Nelly Mbonou: the multi-talented entrepreneur...



Nelly is a pioneer within the ethnic fashion ready-to-wear segment in France. From a Cameroonian background, she was raised between Paris and Yaounde. After studying …philosophy! She created her brand Juneshop in 2001. Self-taught designer, she is proud of her dual culture, and is a tireless working girl. She has only one credo: to vulgarize wax fabric and to promote traditional African know-hows among the greatest number of people.

 Her super powers? Creativity, professionalism and determination.

You want to create or grow your business ? Nelly has solutions for you!

Mohéna Diwouta-Loth : the media guru ...



Mohena is a jewel lover. In Cameroon where she grew up she developed a passion for pearls and for art. Since then she started hosting children workshops and making hand-made design.. After studying communication & events, she joined a Parisian PR agency but gradually the idea of launching her own accessories and jewelry arose. In 2011, the Ohea brand was born.

Communication and handmade design are her major assets. Her motto? Color every day!

You want to set up a dynamic and effective communication ? Mohéna will create a personalized strategy with you;

Antonia David: the story-teller...



Antonia has kept the memory of the beauty of traditional fabrics from her childhood in Senegal and Togo. During her business and marketing studies in London, she was already dreaming of creating a collection of textiles in collaboration with craftsmen of West Africa. In 2010, she became friends with Alice and they will launched the brand Tiss'Ame together… allowing her to link her attachment to her roots and her vocation for Communication Strategies.

Antonia subtlety blends fashion trends, marketing strategies and authenticity.

Do you want to define a true brand identity ? Antonia will guide you.

Thi Vy Luu : the Numbers champion ...



Thi Vy has always been attracted to travel. From Laotian and Vietnamese background, desires of adventure and discoveries are in her DNA !

With her experience in the field of photography, she rubbed shoulders with artists from all walks, and introduced herself to art. Her love of traveling then directed her to the field of ecotourism. This experience developed her taste for managing and organizing events with a single leitmotif: to satisfy the customer by offering a unique experience !


Today, Thi Vy puts her skills at the service of Africamontmartre and offers innovative management solutions to designers.

Maïté Iyeze : the logistician ...



Born from a Malagasy mother and a Gabonese father, Maïté lived in Gabon until she was 15, before landing in Paris.

This fashion enthusiast cultivates a real entrepreneurial spirit. She trained in marketing techniques and specialized in supply management and procurement and have been since working for major companies.

Driven by her passion for Africa and Design, Maïté will help designers to organize customized events.

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